Why Trust Review Deets?

When I’m making a purchase of anything, I want the best advise there is out there. I’m a university student that can’t afford to make the purchase without evaluating the finer details and competitions to know that I’m getting the best “bang for buck”.

I’m currently 22 and in my final semester of university, studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), majoring in software engineering. I’m really into my technology and before any big purchase, I’m researching the finer specs to make sure I’m getting the BEST DEAL! I’m also really big into basketball and snowboarding so I’m looking for the sickest new sport arrivals. Being a fan of the Houston Rockets and PJ Tucker, I’m always browsing through his collections, only dreaming of owning a limited edition pair of Jordan’s.

I’ll be reviewing products that I’m passionate about and will make recommendations for the best products. Collecting information from various sources and providing my personal opinions, to give you enough “deets” to make an educated decision.

So be ready for the next ReviewDeets!

Published by meneghinija

A 22 year old student in software engineering, love technology and sport - mainly basketball and snowboarding are my passions!

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