Nike PG2 White/Photo Blue (OKC Home) Quick Product review

Paul George

I’ve had these fresh PG2’s since September 2018 and have really enjoyed playing in them over the years. I bought them for 110 USD from Eastbay which arrived in about 2 weeks international shipping.


The color is super sick! All my mates were stoked for me, I looked fly on the courts and it’s not in your face, full of extreme colors. This color of PG2’s can be kept clean, but if you’re just as lazy as I am after a full on 2-3 hour scrimmage with your mates, you always forget to clean them… I think that next time I get a new pair of basketball kicks, I’ll go for a darker color so they don’t look so dirty after a while.

PG2 – September 2018


The Gregg’s Cymatic Pattern on the out-sole allows for better grip and traction on the court. If a court hasn’t been swept in a while, it’s got less traction – like any other shoes. The outrigger allows for quick acceleration and change in direction. Helps with fakes and making speedy cuts down the lane.


Nike’s Zoom technology was increased by 2mm (10mm total) for the release of PG2’s which gives it a bouncy response for shock absorption. The forefoot zoom helps being explosive when attacking the rim. If you’re anything like me, this is super cool to help support landing and taking pressure from your knees on the court.

In 2017, I experienced a really bad compound fracture in my right ankle… So even though this is a low-cut sneaker, the comfort collar makes me feel a lot safer on the court to allow me to play at more competitive levels.

The dynamic wings on the side of the shoe and stretch zone underneath allow for flexibility that isn’t awkward to run on. However, I did notice the comfort collar wore out quite a bit – I’m not sure if this is just from my style of play? Which is why I gave the durability of the shoe a lower score.


I think that this shoe is a decent “bang for buck” deal. With good comfort, traction, color and style. If you’re looking for something to play in casually or in light competition, that’s not overly priced and with good support, PG2’s are definitely the way to go.

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A 22 year old student in software engineering, love technology and sport - mainly basketball and snowboarding are my passions!

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