Nike PG2 White/Photo Blue (OKC Home) Quick Product review

Comfort Support Traction Durability Overall 7 8 9 6 7.5 Review I’ve had these fresh PG2’s since September 2018 and have really enjoyed playing in them over the years. I bought them for 110 USD from Eastbay which arrived in about 2 weeks international shipping. Color The color is super sick! All my mates wereContinue reading “Nike PG2 White/Photo Blue (OKC Home) Quick Product review”

Why Trust Review Deets?

When I’m making a purchase of anything, I want the best advise there is out there. I’m a university student that can’t afford to make the purchase without evaluating the finer details and competitions to know that I’m getting the best “bang for buck”. I’m currently 22 and in my final semester of university, studyingContinue reading “Why Trust Review Deets?”